SEO + Content Writing: How To Get Benefitted From This Synergy

Are content and SEO two different entities? Smart SEO practitioners know that both Content and SEO need to work in conjunction to deliver desired results. In this chapter, we see how to get benefitted from seo content writing synergy.

A prevailing thought, exists among some marketers, is that Content and SEO are two different entities. They think that good content doesn’t require SEO, but it is not!

Content and SEO need to go hand in hand to deliver the desired results. No matter even if you have a nicely optimized website, it’ll be of no use if your content is not engaging. And, vice versa!

Content helps you deliver the right message and SEO that takes your content to the right audience.

Therefore, it is wise to think about how to get benefited from this synergy- Content & SEO, rather than arguing about it.

Let’s see what type of content you can create and how.

There are no magic tricks when it comes to creating content. The #1 rule is: Be original and informative. The more educational it is, the higher the engagement will be.

The #2 rule is length of the content may vary. However, Google tends to rank content that goes beyond 1000 words. The more comprehensive your content is, the higher the ranking will be.

Types of SEO Content Writing

Copywriting for Blogs

Starting a blog can be a great thing for brands to build their audience and engage with them. Do keyword analysis and identify topics that your audience likes to read. You can create long-form blog posts like guides or How-to content.

It is one of the best ways to educate about your services/products to your readers, stay on top of your readers’ mind-which will eventually lead to higher conversions.

  • By publishing high-quality posts, you can become a thought leader in your industry.
  • Do extensive research & add unique data points.
  • Create original & value-added content.
  • Build a unique brand voice.

Product Pages

Product pages are the heart of your website. Describing product specifications, features, adding images and including customers’ testimonials can boost your conversions. Furthermore, these product pages can also be used as landing pages for your AdWords, Remarking or Social campaigns.

  • Keep your page simple.
  • Include your product images.
  • Explain your pricing plans and process.
  • Write compelling copy.
  • Deliver a great user experience.


For brands, getting reviews from industry experts helps to build authority, increase brand visibility and gain trust among customers. As a blogger, it is a lucrative market to tap in. Trust is the key player in influential marketing. If you’re able to build trust among your readers and follow ethical practices, then you can earn a lot from sponsored reviews or blog posts.

Choose your specific niche/topic
Write unbiased reviews that add value to readers
Be consistent

SEO Content Writing For Case Studies

Case Studies have a profound impact on your targeted customers. These success stories let you show the world how you helped your clients overcome their challenges.

  • Do in-depth research on a particular use case.
  • Interview your clients
  • List down the pain points.
  • Elucidate the solution and the benefits they reaped.
  • Introduce the team behind your success.


Visuals are compelling and indeed increase your user engagement. Well-designed infographics can help you deliver the core points.

  • Be consistent in following the colour template, font type & size.
  • Include vital stats & key points.
  • Keep your sentence short.

Top lists

Writing top-listed blog posts are popular as it helps readers to get complete information at a glance. As it’s easy to read and consume information, it drives more traffic to your sites and will likely increase social sharing.

  • Include numbers in your headings to increase CTR.
  • Keep your post structure simple.
  • Highlight key points, stats & add the ‘Click to share’ option.
  • Ask readers to share their tips in the comment.


  • Podcasting Interviews with industry experts or sharing useful tips can help you build audiences, get social shares and backlinks.
  • Adding podcast transcripts boost your SEO activities and drive traffic to your site.
  • Use the right tools to deliver an excellent experience.
  • Asks questions/provide tips that address industry-related challenges.


Videos offer numerous benefits: Increased user engagement, likes, shares, backlinks, and higher conversion rates.
Practice your script

  • Invest in right tools (or) Hire a video developer.
  • Include the transcript.


Ebooks act as a useful lead conversion tool. Brands require readers to provide their email ID to download the ebook. But, no one will give their details unless they think of something as valuable. Give your readers a good reason to download!

  • Create compelling headings.
  • Include attracting visuals & highlight data.
  • Keep it smooth to scan.
  • Create a separate landing page for your ebook or include in the relevant product pages.
  • Use pop-ups to promote & persuade readers to download.

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