The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing List Building That Work 

Email List is still an essential asset of any business or brand. A good list will help you build a successful business. Developing your email list takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Email list building is a powerful way to reach an interested audience and build your business. So, grow your email list in the right way to make money later.
Maybe you don’t know where to start?

Try getting help from Email marketing experts like or if you want to do things on your own, here are the 10 commandments of email list building that work for your business.

10 Commandments of Email List Building

Use embedded signup forms

Most email marketing strategies revolve around newly-developed and innovative ways to encourage visitors to sign up for an email list.

The most traditional strategy is the embedded signup form, which consists of a small box where users can give their email ids to sign up for a newsletter or other promotional material. Embedded signup forms prove a useful option for companies that wish to implement an email marketing campaign.

Static embedded forms are unintrusive, so they’re great. It is a way to remind the visitors that they can sign up.

Include a pop-up survey in your blogs

When people visit a new website, they usually look for something specific. That’s why you don’t often see homepage signup forms.

A simple way to build your email list is to include timed pop-up surveys that appear after viewing a certain amount of content. These surveys will catch visitors who have already invested time in your content and are more likely to respond to your request for their email address.

Offer freebies

The truth is, if you’re not offering something of value to your subscribers, they won’t subscribe in the first place.

Creating a lead magnet is a fantastic new recipe that increases your email list.

When it comes to building an email list, it’s all about the lead magnet. And, a lead magnet is just what it sounds like: a gift that draws subscribers in. Without one, you don’t have a lead generation strategy.

Easily, You can offer a free ebook or cheatsheet to your visitors and make them your subscribers!

Insert squeeze page

Have you ever heard the term “squeeze page” before? It’s pretty simple. A squeeze page is a lead capture landing page. You can create a squeeze page by blocking access to any other pages on your website unless visitors provide you with their information in exchange for something.

It’s a very effective way to collect leads, and we recommend setting one up if you haven’t already!

Squeeze pages are simple, easy to create, and effective. Try a squeeze page if you’re having trouble getting subscribers from your other marketing efforts.

Conduct webinars

You can conduct a webinar or e-meet to grow your email list.
Announce your target audience that you are thrilled to do a webinar on [date] at [time], and you can make them sign up to join in the webinar.

It’s going to be an hour of actionable content and strategies for your audience by that you can raise your email list by conducting a simple webinar as a lead magnet.

Tell your audience that you didn’t want the information in this webinar to stay secret, so we’re launching it free. As a result, your audience participates in the webinar, which increases your email list with the interested audience.

Use your social media bios

To encourage your followers to follow you on social media, include a compelling call to action in your bio that consists of a link to join your email list. When you post on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever else you can enter a bio, provide a link that redirects to an email collection form in place of a bland description of who you are.

It will conserve your time and effort in creating valuable content for your email list and help you grow your list quickly.

Do giveaways and contests

The way we reach our customers has changed a lot in the last few years. As social media platforms grow, brands are becoming more accessible, more personable, and more interactive.

Brands are increasingly shifting social media platforms like Instagram to interact with their customers. By promoting a contest, giveaway, or even a limited-time event, traffic can be driven to a landing page where contestants can enter.

Conducting a contest or giveaway through social media stories is an excellent way to build an email list as well as promote engagement.

Give free trials

Invite visitors to join up for a free trial if you’re introducing a new product or service that offers itself to one, such as software. Have them test your product for a certain amount of time before asking for payment.

It’s essential to follow up with potential subscribers and make sure they redeem the offer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the incentive—it’s the key to getting new subscribers who are genuinely interested in trying out your product!

Making waiting list

Creating a waiting list initiates your audience to signup to your email list.

If you’re a course creator or product-maker, you can use a waitlist to let people know when you will open your course/product again.

When you open up for registration for your online course, you can insert an opt-in email so people can sign up and get notified of the classes or programs in detail. This email list-building tactic can also be used by bloggers doing consultant work or product drops.

Adding an opt-in email bar

An opt-in email bar is a plugin that appears on the top of your website. The text stands out from the rest of the content on the page.
When someone steps into your website, they see the bar at the top; they can click it to subscribe using their email address or social media account. Adding an opt-in email bar will amplify your results.


Thank you for taking the time to read the above 10 Commandments of Email Marketing List Building. The goal is to create and maintain a well-informed audience, and we hope these commandments will help you do just that.

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